Why Conserve Water?
Information is Knowledge.

Water conservation is the most cost-effective and environmentally sound way to reduce our demand for water. At a fundamental level, the RainMachine is able to increase watering efficiency by gathering and processing weather information for your area, up to several days ahead of time. Information is knowledge and that gives us the ability to manage your lawn or garden more efficiently. Say hello to the Forecast Sprinkler!

Say hello to the Forecast Sprinkler!

A Device that pays for itself
...in less than 2 years !


A myriad of green devices promise great savings, but none offer a return on investment quite as fast as the RainMachine. With savings typically ranging from 25-50%, the RainMachine is guaranteed to reduce your water bills.


Taking an average water bill (estimated at $50 per month), the RainMachine would be able to pay for itself in less than two years. Compared with other renewable/green technologies such as Solar or LED lamps that pay for themselves in 7-15 years, the RainMachine provides substantial savings in less than 2 years of use!


Saving Water = Saving Energy
RainMachine efficiency at work.


An awful lot of energy is expended in the pumping, filtering and post-processing of water. At every step of the process electrical energy is used. Unfortunately the majority of world’s electrical energy is fossil based so every time you are using water you could be burning fossil fuels. Over the past year, using thousands of RainMachines in U.S., the total amount of water saved can be measured in Olympic size swimming pools and MegaW/h of energy required to pump the water. This is enough power required to fully charge 10 million mobile phones or the equivalent of driving half million miles.


Save the planet.
Save your wallet.


According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), as much as 70% of a home's total water use during the dry season may go to landscape irrigation. Experts estimate that more than 50% of landscape water is wasted due to overwatering

Irrigation withdrawals, top states, 2010  

Using seven-day forecasts, the RainMachine efficiently adjusts your watering schedule using real time temperature, wind and rainfall data. Our smart sprinkler device is scientifically designed to improve watering efficiency and dramatically reduce water consumption.

Follow the Green.
City Regulations and substantial savings.


Often times during a drought, local communities force users to conserve water by imposing watering schedules. The RainMachine is perfect for complex watering schedules such as 'water every N days’, or water restrictions on predetermined days. Despite such complicated watering schedules, our smart WIFI sprinkler device can calculate the amount of water required for up to 7 days in advance.


All of our Smart Wi-FIi sprinklers qualifies for the EPA WaterSense program which may be available in your area.

Meet the Ultimate ET Device
In Sync with Nature.


The only way a machine can truly conserve water is to listen to Nature. By being synchronized with all weather events, the RainMachine can calculate daily evapotranspiration losses and adjust the watering duration as defined in Programs.


In layman’s terms, the RainMachine takes something that is given (base watering duration) with something it learns (weather data) and produces an output that augments Nature’s cycle in such a way that your garden is protected and nourished to perfection.

Precision Forecast.
Let it rain.


Despite rapidly changing weather patterns, the RainMachine never gets left behind. By updating its forecast data several times a day over WiFi, it delivers the most accurate evapotranspiration calculations for optimal irrigation.


Unlike other sprinkler controllers that rely on zip codes, the RainMachine uses the exact street address to download precise weather data for your property. Let it rain!

Join the Conservation Revolution.
California leading the pack.


Because of a persistent drought in California, we noticed strong demand for smart irrigation devices. Unfortunately, we cannot fix the drought. But we can help you adapt. Join the water conservation movement! As we believe in our idea, RainMachine open source software is available on all devices. Use it, share it and improve it. The water belongs to us.

Phones and Tablets.
iOS and Android is our DNA.

All of our smart irrigation Wi-Fi devices are compatible with iOS and Android based applications. This enables you to manually control sprinkler valves and create watering schedules from your mobile device. The User Experience provided by our easy to use mobile applications goes far beyond the antiquated sprinkler user interfaces of yesteryear.


This is the ideal way to interact with your garden.


Control from Anywhere


No matter whether you are in the living room, in the garden or even away from home, you remain in full control of your sprinklers and watering schedules. Download the application and you'll always have your garden at your fingertips.


Surprise your family and friends by turning on different zones of your garden at will with our smart irrigation device.



Statistics Screen
RealTime Science for your Garden


All RainMachine models allow advanced visualization of meteorological data such as temperature, rain, clouds, humidity and wind. These different parameters are viewable daily, monthly or yearly.


In essence, these graphs let you see the behavior of your smart sprinkler device for the current day as well as earlier periods. In addition, it is possible to view forecasts of water for the days ahead.


Quick Access to all Garden Zones


The RainMachine allows you to split your garden into different zones. In that way, you can provide one part of the garden with a specific watering regimen suitable for desert plants and another part where you have plants requiring more water. The RainMachine lets turn ON and OFF any zones with the flick of a button. Simply touch the respective zone to start a certain valve for a predetermined amount of time.

The RainMachine allows you to turn ON and OFF any zones with the flick of a button.

Easy to setup.
Easy to use.


Everything is displayed on a large and bright capacitive touch screen. This new class of smart sprinkler controllers means you can forget all about dated technology such as rotary switches or blinking clocks.


The RainMachine offers a virtually unlimited number of program options for your garden. The programing versatility is unprecedented: specific weekdays, even or odd days, cycle and soak, or station delay.


Easy to Remember.
Zone names.


With just a few touches, simply label various parts of your garden the way you prefer. Examples of zones labels: "Front Yard Lawn", "Rose Bushes", "My Tomatoes".

Plants are not created equal: Each zone can be set to a vegetation type that further defines its total water requirements.

A weather ready nation.


The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) employs satellites, radar and thousands of weather stations.


Advanced climate modeling running on huge data-centers processes this information to deliver the most accurate weather forecasts on Earth. RainMachine connects via WIFI and downloads the latest weather data every 6 hours, making it available for you to use in your garden.


Global Weather
The Garden universe expanded


The RainMachine can operate in non-US countries by accessing International Weather Data Streams from MET Norway.
MET Norway is the meteorological service for both The Military and the Civil Services in Norway, as well as the public around the world.


MET Norway and NOAA allow us to provide complete weather coverage with amazing precision around the globe. In fact, it would be possible to operate a RainMachine as far away as Greenland, just give us an address and we will manage your water for you.

RainMachine is the best weather integrated smart irrigation controller with the ability to use and aggregate multiple internet weather services or local weather stations to produce highly reliable and high resolution localized weather data.
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7-Day Precision
Precipitation Forecasting

Using seven-day forecasts, the RainMachine can efficiently adjust your watering schedule using real-time temperature, wind, moisture and rainfall data.


Unlike other weather forecasting services that present you with only a probability of rain (chance of rain in percentages), RainMachine presents users with actual amounts of rain (in inches/millimeters per hour or accumulated totals) for the next 24 hours, day by day or hour by hour for up to 7 days.