Share access to your RainMachine

Mar 10, 2020, by admin

Share access to your RainMachine


As a RainMachine owner, you decide to whom and how to share access to your RainMachine. Grant access to your device to another RainMachine owner, or to any Google email account owner. The invitee will be able to access/control your RainMachine device with the access rights you choose to granted him.

Access rights

You can choose from three modes: “View only”, “Limited” or “Full” access rights:

View only

Give access rights to a person to view RainMachine data and nothing else.


Your invitee will be able to manually start or stop zones and programs.


Offers full access rights. Almost the same level of yours, but invitee will not be able to change sensitive RainMachine settings like admin password, location or execute administrator operations.

Shared Access: Community-driven feature

This feature was implemented at the request of many Rainmachine users via RainMachine Community Forums. Give access to your gardener, your contractor in order to get some professional advice or just have them set it up correctly for you. Get support or a watchful eye from your friends, relatives or other RainMachine users.

Currently the sharing access to the RainMachine device it is only possible using the Rainmachine web application https://my.rainmachine.com. To access a shared RainMachine device use either the RainMachine Web or Mobile (iOS or Android) apps.

For more info related to "Share access to your RainMachine" feature, please visit this page.

Sign in with Google

Feb 15, 2020, by admin

Sign in with Google for RainMachine


Single Sign-in Simplifies Gardening

The "Sign in with Google" integration enables RainMachine customers to sign in the web and mobile applications using their Google Gmail accounts to access or share Rainmachine devices. If you already have a RainMachine Account that is the same as your Gmail account*, your user sign-in experience will be much easier.

Data Security

We know that personal information is very important for all of us and we need to keep them safe. Google Sign-In it is a secure authentication system that reduces the burden of log in using your remote access email and RainMachine password, by enabling you to sign in with your Google Account.

No more wasted time

Decide who gets access to your RainMachine

You can grant access to your gardener, contractor, friend or relative with ease. All you have to do is to invite them to access your RainMachine device by using their Google Gmail or Rainmachine account. Once the invitation is accepted they will be able to access and control your RainMachine device based on the access rights you have granted them.

*Gmail Aliases will not work, you must use the main Google account to sign in.

For more info related to "Sign in with Google" feature, please visit this page.