Save water

The Forecast Sprinkler. Information Conserves Water.

Water is a precious resource and has to be conserved. This fundamental need has inspired us to search beyond current technologies and develop a new class of smart sprinkler controllers. Forecasting up to 7 days, the RainMachine dynamically adjusts your watering schedule. Using real time temperature, wind and rainfall data the RainMachine precisely calculates EvapoTranspiration (ET) dramatically reducing the otherwise wasted water. In fact it can pay for itself in the first year.
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Control your Garden. Simple touch interface.

Everything is displayed on a beautiful and bright touchscreen. This is how we re-invented the easy to use, smart, weather aware, WIFI sprinkler controller. Operating the sprinklers has never been easier.
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  • Capacitive
  • Zones
  • HI/LO Temp
Control your Garden
Smartphone remote control

Connect Remotely.
From any Mobile Device.

Connect your WIFI smart irrigation controller to your phone, tablet or desktop browser. Adjust watering cycles, manage schedules, view watering statistics from the palm of your hand. Instantly turn ON and OFF multiple zones from your connected device.
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Water Savings Calculator.
Live simulator.

  • Simulator

The simulator is based on real forecast data (NOAA) for your city. We stored last 365 daily forecasts to show you how your sprinkler controller would have worked for the last 12 months.

  • Average

The blue line shows the estimated daily water consumption for a reference lawn zone, watered daily, with freeze protection enabled and without compensation for hot weather.

Results may vary based on the vegetation type, watering frequency and Hi/Lo temperature settings.