Our family of smart Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers

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RainMachine are EPA WaterSense Certified by IAPMO R&T

All RainMachines are EPA Watersense Certified

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One mobile application.
For all RainMachine smart sprinkler devices.

RainMachine mobile app Dashboard menu icon

Monitor Everything. Temperature, Rain

and multiple Program activity.

RainMachine mobile app Devices menu icon

Access multiple Rainmachines

from one screen.

  • Dashboard screen of the RainMachine mobile application
  • Devices screen of the RainMachine mobile application
  • Zones screen of the RainMachine mobile application
  • Programs edit screen of the RainMachine mobile application

RainMachine mobile app Zones menu icon

Manually Water zones with the

flick of a switch.

RainMachine mobile app Settings menu icon

Set Programs, Weather Sensitivity

and System Settings.

RainMachine Mini or Touch?
Which smart Wi-Fi sprinkler is right for me?

Jun 04, 2015, by admin

In order to setup or monitor the RainMachine Mini you need a smart phone or a tablet. Think of your phone as a remote control for the RainMachine. The only direct input​ means available on the RainMachine Mini are 3 buttons: Zone​ UP/DOWN​,​ and Start. With this interface you can only manually ​start ​water​ing​ your garden​, stop ​it, ​or stop an on-going program. That's it.

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What is new in RainMachine 4.0 software?
The future is here.

Jun 01, 2015, by admin

The RainMachine 4.0 software framework represents a radical departure from the old ways, setting the foundation for the next generation of modern...
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Say Hello to the RainMachine Mini-8.
Spartan Design meets Utility.

May 01, 2015, by admin

Right after we finished developing the RainMachine HD in the summer of 2013, our design team began designing the 2nd generation of smart...
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Water Savings Calculator.
Live simulator.

The RainMachine simulator is based on real forecast data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for your city. We have stored the last 365 daily forecasts to demonstrate how your sprinklers would have functioned if you had been using our device.

The blue line shows the estimated daily water consumption for a reference lawn zone that is watered daily with freeze protection
enabled and without compensation for hot weather events.

Water savings calculator. Results may vary based on the vegetation type, watering frequency and Hi/Lo temperature settings.